Window Scene Material Options

Window Scenes are made from a stick free material designed for any glass surface. Simply wet this material and slap it on. It’s durable and removable so you can move it over and over again if you are the indecisive type. Allows some light to pass and provides privacy when viewed from the backside.

Static cling is available in two options: Private and Semi-Private

Private Static Cling starts is a stick-free material that easily applies to glass and acrylic surfaces. This material provides 100% privacy while still allowing light to pass. It is not room darkening. When light hits the backside of this material it illuminates to create a glowing image.

Semi-Private Static Cling is a clear and and adhesive free material. The density of the print is a factor on how much privacy this product provides. It is at its best when there is lots of light focused on the back of the material. The image is most noticeable on the opposite side of the light source.