Decorative Window Film

Is your view spoiled by windows overlooking an empty lot, your neighbor’s unsightly yard or a construction site? Do you wish you could stare out your windows and gaze at a tropical beach, a winter wonderland or your favorite work of art?

You don’t have to wish anymore because our Window Scenes let you quickly and easily transform your view with decorative window film that adheres to your window with static cling. You can select from the thousands of beautiful photos in our gallery, have our team create a custom design for you or even upload you own photo for the view you’ve always wanted! Now you can let your imagination run wild and enjoy a view of a crystal-blue ocean, a snow covered forest, your favorite work of art or anything else you can think of.

What is decorative window film?

Our decorative window film is manufactured from a heavy-duty vinyl material that reduces up to 99% of damaging UV rays, which can fade and ruin interior furnishings, flooring and window treatments. It comes in two types; partially private, which is semi-translucent and allows plenty of light to pass through, and private, which is opaque and blocks most light. Both types are simple to install or remove and will usually last five years or more without any fading or cracking.

How do I install decorative window film?

Unlike other inferior products, our decorative window film attaches securely to your windows using static cling rather than sticky adhesives. This makes it simple and easy to install with just a razor knife and a spray bottle of water. And since it doesn’t use adhesives, static cling window film is just as easy to remove without leaving behind any sticky residue. It’s even reusable! We provide detailed instructions on installing decorative window film, as well as instructions on installing our other materials.